Top 3 Places to Visit When Traveling to Britain

There is no shortage of sites to see and experience when visiting Britain. Filled with a rich historical landscape, there are countless British landmarks that tourists should experience. However, for those with a limited amount of time in the area, here are three locations that cannot be skipped over when traveling through.

Big Ben

At the top of the Clock Tower, or more recently known as the Elizabeth Tower, sits Big Ben. Today, the entire structure is often referred to as Big Ben. Located near the Palace of Westminster (a landmark itself), the tower is home to a four-faced chiming clock that is the second largest in the world. Many believe this to be the most popular landmark of the area because of its frequent appearances in the media. It is often used in pictures to denote a story taking place in Britain.

Buckingham Palace

As the current home of Britain’s reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the palace gets a lot of attention from visitors to the area. The land itself has changed hands many times, and it has been the site of several homes, including a residence for Sir William Blake, the first Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, and later a retreat for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. While it isn’t possible to sit down and visit with the queen, there are several state rooms open to the public and a series of events that take place throughout the year bring in people from around the world.

Tower of London

No trip to Britain is complete without a visit to a castle. But just any castle won’t do. Instead, plan to see the Tower of London. Aside from the breathtaking view from around Tower Hill, the structure itself has served several purposes. The tower has been everything from an armory to a menagerie and is currently home to the Crown Jewels of England. For those interested in ghost stories, the Tower of London was home to Edward V of England and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. Both boys disappeared from the tower and were never seen again. These “Princes of the Tower” are the source of many a rumor.