How Music Affects the Heart

Most of us love music and some are even addicted to it; be it rock, pop, classical, jazz, etc. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t listen to or enjoys any type of music. This is because music is known to have certain effects on us. Some of us claim that music elevates their mood, some say that it brings about a feeling of calmness or tranquility, or some may even say that it brings out the wild side in them. It is said that music strikes the chord of right emotions in our mind, or touches our heart. Studies undertaken to find the effect of music on human beings have found that this is not a myth anymore. Music definitely affects the heart, or the cardiovascular system. Let us know how.
woman irritated by loud music
Have you experienced a situation when listening to very loud music makes your heartbeat so fast that you can actually feel the heavy beating? In that case, you become anxious and restless. This is because of the effect loud music has on your heart rate. It is said that loud and fast music increases the heart rate. Thus, we experience a feeling of high anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, etc., when we listen to music which has a fast tempo.
Slow music or music that has a slower tempo is associated with a slower heart rate. People who listen to calming music or classical music have a slower heart rate as compared to those listening to fast music, or those not listening to music at all.
vinyl record playing music
The effect of music on the heart is based on the functioning of the brain. When we hear music, the sound waves produced are translated into electrical impulses by the brain. These impulses are sent to the hypothalamus. As it is related to the increasing and decreasing of the heart rate, the related effect is produced. Listening to slow or calming music is definitely more beneficial. However, listening to any type of music you like can be helpful, rather than not listening to any music at all.
boy listening to music
The heart rate is pulse rate, i.e., the number of times your heartbeats per minute. It is believed that people who have a slower heart rate tend to live longer. People having a higher heart rate are at a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Thus, having a slower heart rate is more beneficial. When music slows down the heart rate, it brings about a feeling of calmness, thus, it is used as a relaxation technique. Music also helps in reducing stress and relieving anxiety.
You should remember that listening to any kind of music (in right frequency and right tempo) is surely beneficial for the overall health. Lastly, we can conclude by saying that the phrase ‘heals the heart’ in the following quote is not just a saying, but a fact!

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”
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Elizabethan Music

With the soaring popularity and demand for music in the Elizabethan era, the variety of musical instruments, art forms and artists increased as well. The people living in the life and times of the Tudor dynasty experienced some of the best art and music there was to offer.
We, as in the world, owe too much to the Golden Age of English literature. The era is indeed spun from the cultural diversity in all of Europe, but for all of it to combine into one swift, musical and magical time is something to behold. The era and its Queen are worth learning, for it is during her reign that European culture got the boost it needed.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth not only mandated the arts, she herself was skilled in musical instruments. Her personal instruments were the virginals and the lute. While the Tudor reign generated magnificent amounts of music, musicians and theater, it was most prominent during Queen Elizabeth’s time. As far as music was concerned, she led by example. She would often have her court musicians play for her while she danced, as she considered it a great form of exercise.

Elizabethan music thus entered the homes and lives of all people. Native folk music was seen being played at the dinner tables when families came together for a meal. People who belonged to the higher strata of society in this era were known to hire a musician almost every night. In case of people who could not really hire such musicians, they always had at least one musical instrument and one servant who could play it.

Music and Dance

The merengue style of music is mainly associated with the Dominican Republic, as it originated in this region. Characterized by a lot of variations in tempo, different dance forms were developed from this music style, which are quite famous worldwide.
Fast Fact
The first meringue song was supposedly written in 1844, which also marked the foundation of the Dominican Republic. It is a war song that makes sarcastic remarks about a soldier called Thomas Torres, who abandoned a battle and ran away from his fellow soldiers.
Merengue music as well as dance first originated in the 19th century, and has a typical Latin American flavor to it. This art form also has an African influence, and is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. Merengue was further popularized by the dictator of this nation, called Rafael Trujillo. In the early- to mid-twentieth century, he extensively promoted this music, which later on spread to other parts of Central America and also to the USA, where it was first introduced in New York city.

There always has been a controversy regarding the derivation of the name ‘merengue’. Some say that it has been derived from the French dessert confectionery called ‘meringue’, which is made up of sugar and egg-whites. This recipe has a ‘light and bubbly feel’ to it, which was compared to the same feature of merengue music-short, simple, and cyclic rhythm patterns. It is very similar to other Latin American music and dance forms, like salsa and bachata.

There are several theories that explain the origin of merengue, but none of them have yet been confirmed. Some say that this style evolved equivalently with African, European, and Central American elements and features. It developed as a type of rural music in the Caribbean region, and also is the cultural identity and national symbol of the Dominican Republic. The music though is a bit different from the one that is played in Haiti; the latter has a slower tempo and mainly depends on string instruments such as the acoustic guitar and ukelele.

According to one version, merengue originated from the slaves who were tied together with one leg, while leaving the other free. They had to move and drag their free single legs while cutting sugarcane in the background of loud drum beats. This led to the idea of using only a single leg while dancing, in respect of the slaves who suffered. A second story tells of a war hero who returned home to his village after being victorious in many battles. Such wars were a part of the revolution that took place in the nation of the Dominican Republic in the 19th century. This soldier was limping as he was injured on one leg, and hence, to celebrate his patriotism towards his country, all the village people started limping and dancing to honor him, specifically on a 4/4 to 2/4 beat. This probably lead to the birth of merengue.

Elements of Blues Music

The components of blues music are a base for the introduction of many other sub-genres of this music. This article concentrates on the musical elements of blues music…
Blues is undoubtedly the most popular music genre which has undergone many changes in its characteristics since its inception. Most notable genres of music such as rock and rhythm and blues have been developed on the basis of the contents of blues music. This music was a result of the combination of African and Western cultures in the Southern part of America. Some of early blues music personalities were Bukka White, Robert Johnson, and Bessie Smith. Banjo and piano were the early instruments in this music type.

Major Elements of Blues Music

Melody and Harmony
The harmony of blues music mainly focuses on the first, fourth and fifth chords of a combination. So, if the musical piece starts in the A chord, next chords will be fourth ‘D’ and fifth ‘E’ chords. And for G as the starting chord, the following chords would be C and D. This is exactly similar to the standard relative chord combinations. When it comes to melody, blues music also consists of an emphasis on the flattened third, fifth and seventh notes of a major scale. These notes are traditionally played in a blues scale.

The rhythm is also a unique characteristic of blues music. The rhythm is based on the 12-bar and 48-beat repetitive pattern. The three above-mentioned chords are played for 12 bars. Normally, the bar is divided into certain numbers of beats for different chords. For example, the first chord will be played for 16 beats, eight beats for the fourth chord, and eight beats for the first chord again. This will be followed by four beats for the fifth, four more beats for the fourth chord, finally coming down to eight beats for the first chord. Taking the example of E-A-B combination, the 12 bars can be divided in E/E/E/E/A/A/E/E/B7/A/E/E pattern.

Just like the melody, harmony, and rhythm; lyrics are also to be placed in blues music in a different manner. The verse of a conventional blues song comprises three lines. The first two lines are more or less the same, followed by the third. Most of the time, the first two lines are the same, and have question-like lyrics. The third line, is the response to the first two lines. So, the lyrical structure becomes in the AAB pattern. Singing first two lines is divided among eight measures in a 12-bar, whereas the rest four measures consist of singing the third line. Thematically, blues lyrics concentrate more on sadness and disappointing stories; such as poverty, lost relationships, death, violence, racism, and so on. Hence, verses are in a question-answer format.

Musical Instrument Sounds
Earlier, the banjo was prominently used as the main instrument for blues music. However, in the early 1900s, guitar and piano were added. Nowadays, as this music has become so innovative, many other instruments have been added as a standard. Basses, drums, and harmonica are included in the blues scene today. Using various instruments is the chief reason why there are many branches in blues music found today.

This type of music has been through many modification phrases with regards to lyrics, instruments, and harmony; which is evident in most types of music today. The most popular sub-genre is blues-rock, which is a blend of blues and rock elements. The elements of music in R&B, hip hop, and rock and roll genres are also related to blues music. Many of the heavy metal music is based on the roots of blues.

Music & Audio Android Apps

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4. SoundHound

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5. PowerAMP Music Player

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6. Winamp

Play, manage and sync music from your desktop to your Android device. Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution (2.1 OS & above) featuring wireless desktop sync (Winamp 5.6 required), iTunes library import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

Rock Music

Rock is an exciting and highly admired genre of popular music which mainly appeals to the young generation. This extremely famous form has attained great recognition and adulation amongst the music lovers for several decades. The most admirable aspect of this genre is its variety and unique style. This form uses several high tech instruments which give an attractive and interesting appeal to it. The instruments like synthesizers, mouth organ and piano etc are used while playing the melodies. Rock is the modern and advanced form of music that is comparatively faster and louder than the conventional genres like classic and folk. It gives the artists a liberty to experiment with variety of styles and express themselves with freedom. The soul of rock is the rock band or the group of musicians and singers who collectively play the songs.

The youth is simply crazy for this form of music; they are ardent fans of the various rock stars. The rock albums take you through the various aspects and emotions of life. The words of the songs simply enthrall the senses and thrill the listeners. In this kind of music the prominent vocal melody is accompanied with hard instruments like drums, brass and guitar etc, along with the mellotrans and other keyboard instruments.

Some rock bands also use the conventional instruments like harmonica, melodica, banjo etc. Some highly creative artists have experimented a lot with the less known instruments like sitar and mandolin. This gave their songs a completely different appeal.

Rock music evolved around 1940’s and 1950’s. This genre is highly influenced by the country music and blues which were very popular around that time. This style was basically a blue-based song with fast and peppy dance tracks. One can find the classic albums on various online music stores. You can search top rock music albums on the internet.

The rock reached great heights with several amazing rock stars that awed the audiences with amazing performances. Elvis Presley is the most admired and popular artist in the world of rock; his astounding style, classic dance movements and incredible songs entertained the music lovers. The Beetles is the most famous and highly applauded rock band. They had the most numbers of the chart topping hits.

Eventually by the late 1960’s the various rock bands emerged which were famous amongst the music lovers at that time. The bands from United States and Britain gained immense popularity. Some of the most famous bands were Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Queen and Judas Priest.

By the 1980 the glam metal genre made waves in the rock music world. Bon Jovi, New York Dolls, Sweet, Guns and Roses, Twisted Sister and Kiss were the several most popular artistes of the 1980’s. In the 1990’s Rock soared new heights with emergence of some highly commendable forms like Grunge. This popular genre was associated with the fusion of various elements like hardcore punk and heavy metal sound to give amazingly enthralling melodies. The lyrics of the songs focused on the themes of social concern like entrapment and alienation. The Grudge had heavy and loud tunes with extensive use of guitar and fuzz. Several famous bands like Alice in Chains, Candlebox and Soundgarden, gained a wide audience applause and appreciation.

The Britpop and Indie Pop were few forms that gained immense adulation in the 1990’s. In the 2000 several new styles of pop gained recognition and flourished with great adulation. Garage rock, Emo and Metal core are the most admired sub genres of rock. Various rock bands like the White Stripes, The Vines and The Strokes came with some thrilling and happening albums. These are very famous CD rock music hits.

With the emergence of MTV rock gained immense hype and recognition. Internet further enhanced the growth of this unique genre. The highly popular rock music CDs are available on the internet, you can easily find your favourite DVD for rock music on various websites.

Negative Impact Of Music Videos

Music videos are produced to entertain the viewer. They are shown in televisions and cinema films. They are meant to entertain both the young and the old. It has been found that instead of its entertaining purpose there are several negative impacts these movies have imposed on the youths. This is because of the impressionable picture they create on the minds of youths. These negative effects include its highlights on how it relates to self esteem and thinness of people. It also influences the sexual activities of teenagers. These videos influence the use of alcohol and marijuana including the aggressiveness and violence among youths. Some youths are committing suicide while others shooting their fellows. The Purpose of this paper is therefore to prove that there is a negative influence youths derives from music videos.

Negative influences youths derives from music videos

According to Kirstetin (2005) music with negative lyrics and videos can influence the minds of child who is developing, therefore parent need to get involved by also listening and watching music videos but cannot apply any force to make them like a particular music video or song. For parents to achieve this, they can educate them to shy away from negative messages and to also focus their minds so that when they grow up they will only concentrate on positive music and media. Youths as they grow develop certain characters based on the environment. Music and videos is part of current life youths are exposed to. They cannot be kept a way from them because even if you deny them access in the house, they can still access them may be on their way to school or shopping centre and moreover there are several commercial cinema where you can pay and watch. It is clear that what should be done is to teach them on how to concentrate on movies which are entertaining and educative. To have a broader understanding of the negative impression that music videos create on youths, much details are as follows.

Music videos instill spirit of violence on youths

Music videos instill spirit of violence on youths. According to Steve (2006) there has been great concern over the effects of music videos on aggressiveness on youths but the research has not been extensive enough. The little research that was conducted was based on outlook of aggressiveness and perceptions. According to Steven (2006) there is no research that has been done relating violent music and aggressive behavior on youths.

According to research by Greeson and William (1986) on effect of violence in music videos on youths, where he watched a video with a combination of sex features, violent and rebelliousness together with 10 year old and a 7 year old for about thirty minutes. The result showed it was not complimenting attitude of violence on the younger grader but instilled spirit of violence on the older grader. It was not possible to establish which among the three features of violence, sex and rebellion would have contributed to aggressiveness on the older grader.  Another study was conducted by John, Jackson and Gatto (1995) to evaluate how violent rap music affects adolescent aged males. They used forty six teenage boys of ages ranging from eleven to sixteen. The boy ware dived into three groups. The first group was showed non violent rap music videos. The second group was showed violent rap music where as the third group were not showed any video. It was found that children who watch music with violent feature developed attitude of aggressiveness. It is therefore clear that watching of violent music movies make adolescent aged group develops the attitude of using violent when trying solving problems. According to Steve (2006) a study conducted among college student showed that when they watch these violent music movies, they develops the feeling of annoyance and also make them have the spirit of aggressiveness.

According to AcaDemon (2003) it was also noted that so much money is use to produce these music videos but one other best selling ingredient is the violence which is always focused on women. It therefore means that the consumers taste is the violence which is featuring within that particular video show. The study also found out that the use of violence in the raps and video music has a greater contribution to several occurrences of vicious behavior among the youths in the United States.

According to Jerome (2000) there are a number of factor that has affected youth in relation to video music. It has affected the social interaction of the youths. These videos have also influence of the school performance of these teenagers. It has affects on the examination ability, emotional reactions and mood of the youths (Christenson & Robert 1998). It is also clear that most of these popular music focuses on attitude and behavioral impact of the youth. For instance, ‘when I want you in my arms, all I have to do is dream’ (Everly Brothers, 1958). The listener and the viewer will picture on the message and mood created by such a song and most of them will respond depending on the tone and message conveyed. It is also clear according to Jerome (2000) that even though these music videos with negative impact in youth are few in number, they play a great role in influencing behavior such as sexual habits, spirit of violence, suicide incidences, racism among the blacks and whites, and Satanic behaviors.

How it influences sex activity in youths

According to Nielsen Media Research (1993) more than seventy percent of the Americans were access to cable television therefore most teenagers would watch these music videos from their homes. The study which was done on the composition of these videos shows that seventy five percent contain materials which are related to sex. Music videos influence sex activities in various ways. Within these videos, it portrays various features which are eventually being imitated by teenage girls. These features being copied include the unique sexy dressing style and certain sexy moves. According to Research Assistance (2009) that frequent viewing of these sexy movies by female teenagers will make them develop curiosity to imitate these behaviors which further have effect on their male counter parts. The mode of dressing and body movement portrayed by these videos are so tempting that if are imitated by the teenage girls, they will affect the male boy in that most male are enticed by seeing certain images suggesting to be directed towards sex. This will further make them engage in premarital sex will will perpetuate the spread of HIV and AIDS. They are also certain picture of necked females with only pants dancing in these videos. These ladies are not only necked but also dancing in a sexy manner. All these will influence the way a teenager thinks. They will try to behave in the same manner which will finally ruin their lives. Teenage boys have their hormone very active and when they get exposed to such videos their body starts to react in response to what is seen which will then drive them to experiment and that is very dangerous to their future lives.

Rap music videos have contributed to racism in the United States. According to Zillmann and Colleagues (1995) they perform an experiment on how politically radical rap music would influence race and its related political attitude. They performed their experiment using rap music video showed to both white teenagers and African a merican teenager. They used three different type of rap videos which includes a popular rock video, rap video music which is non political and a rap video music which is extensively political. The outcome was that white teenager were influenced by political rap video message and supported for the abolishment of racism and called for racial accord as was advocated by the African American singer. This was contrary to the expectation because most people claim that radical rap music always instill the spirit of racism in the white teenager.

The influence of music videos on suicides and Shootings

The influence of rap music videos to suicide and shooting has also raised several issues. This is because of the fact that there has been rampant suicidal acts and shooting of their fellows among the teenage school pupils. It is a fact that a several teenagers have been victims of suicide and the research shows that most of this suicidal act takes place immediately after watching these popular music videos. It is also a fact that rampant shooting among teenage school pupils have occurred. These shootings are attributed from fans of popular music such as Marilyn Manson as well as the popular goth rock. These gangster rap may be said to be the cause of the incidence of rampant shooting but in real situation most of these fans normally enjoy their stuff without threatening their fellows. Most people have diverted their thought and argued that the cause of the suicide and shooting in schools is caused by factors such as when there is despair and teenagers’ accessibility to these guns and drug abuse (Jerome, 2006).

According to a journal by Colorado Holistic (2005) it was found that music videos and have influence on teenage body image. It found to have greater impact that would take place within a short time. Teenage girls who watch these videos will develop what is called eating disorder. The research shows that almost one thousand five hundred teenagers ranging from grade 8 to grade 11 who are exposed to these videos develop the behavior of slimming whereas boy teenagers became influenced to develop masculine body. According to Marika Tiggemann, there is enough evidence that a typical female model to day is weighing twenty percent less than the standard weight. It was also noted that most of these underweight ladies are diagnosed with a condition known as anorexia nervosa. It is therefore true that the short time spent by these teenagers watching these videos pose great danger to their lives because of their curiosity to imitate the message and action (Colorado Holistic, 2005). It is therefore noted that these videos conveys messages which are harmful to the health of the youths.

There is also the issue of pregnancy and drug abuse among youths. Most of these videos portray images of drug addicts. The reggae video music is directly spreading the message of devil worshiping. These teenagers have copies their way of life. Most of these teenagers are lured in to smoking of marijuana which is a very dangerous behavior. Marijuana is a very dangerous drug such that when smoked would finally destroy the normal brain functioning of the victim. Because the brain cannot function normally, the victim will end up being engaged in criminal acts such as robbery with violence. It is also clear that there are certain attires which depict a reggae man. These teenagers go as far as imitating the dressing styles of a reggae man (Pediatrics 1996). It is therefore clear that it is the responsibility of the parents to help in straightening the live of teenagers not by denying them access to these videos but through offering constructive advice to them on what is wrong and what is right. This should be done at the right time, in the right place and in the right manner.

Music videos have also been found to be of great importance to among teenagers. This is because these music videos help the distinguish the borders of social life and sub cultural lives. According a survey that was done in a bout two thousand seven hundred and sixty aged from fourteen years of age to sixteen years of age which were coming from southeast cities in Sweden it indicated that they were able to listen to music for a period of a bout forty hours every week. A Swedish study also showed that children who became used to these music and videos at early age would easily be influenced by their peers than their parents as contrary to older teenagers. Not all music videos are dirty because some are educative especially the sacred video music which have also been into the market for sometime though not like by many (Scribd, 2009).

Inspirational Music

Some say that it’s the musician and composer who are inspired, others say it’s music that inspires. No need to debate. To me, it’s like sharing the air we breathe. Isn’t that the meaning of the word “in-spire”? The composer/musician inhales the inspiration of whatever muse presents itself. Then exhales the most exquisitely inspirational music, that touches everyone who listens as they in turn are in-spired.

What music is inspirational? We think first of all of what we call “spiritual” music. This can be gospel music, hymns, Christmas carols or other music with religious affiliations. It can be traditional tunes with uplifting lyrics like “Amazing Grace”.

But truly, isn’t music medicinal, each to his own medicine? For some, it’s hip hop or rap. For others, it’s ethnic music, Irish, Greek, Punjab, or reggae. Still others are most inspired by country, bluegrass, or folk. Maybe its movie or tv soundtracks and themes, or classical, avant garde, or techno.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music inspires you, it’s what it does to you that matters. Music can open your eyes, make you think, make you think more deeply. Music can energize you, fill otherwise empty moments, and keep you company.

Maybe your life has you tied up in knots. Music can help you get through your day, unwind, solve your problems, and just take that load off your mind. It can inspire you to face yet another day…

Music can heal. The right music can fill you with awe and wonder, lift you out of your everyday life and send you soaring with the angels. It can give you hope, stimulate your imagination, and help you change your life and then change the world.

Music expresses. Music can soothe and heal by expressing commonality, humanity, compassion, and empathy. Music can take you from where you are now and gently (or emphatically!) usher you towards where you wish to be. There is comfort to be found just in knowing that someone else understands where you are and how you feel. The right music can energize you to move beyond procrastination, denial, or whatever blocks you have.

Music holds our memories. Tv commercials show us how this happens. Its easier to remember the jingle than whatever product was being sold; I find that’s true of jingles I heard as a child. Because music holds our memories, it has been found to be useful with those afflicted with neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. A song with words like the familiar children’s rhyme “one, two, buckle my shoe” can help them remember simple tasks.

Lastly, the healing power of inspirational music, to me, also comes from it’s ability to open our hearts. There are songs and melodies that open our hearts to feelings that we didn’t even realize we were closed to! We can listen to something that brings us to tears when we were not feeling sad. This can be through a connection to Universal sadness or to our own personal sorrow.

The same is true of joy. A song can make us realize, “that’s what I needed!” when we had no idea. We don’t realize what we bottle up inside, until it’s been set free and we feel the sense of relief, cleansing, and renewal.

Music connects us to the ineffable, the sublime, the One that we long to reconnect with. With or without words.

So explore your music world. Close your eyes and really listen. And then open yourself up and let the music inspire you.

Blues N’ Jazz

Bringing alive the true Jazz moments, NCPA Mumbai presents, Blues N’ Jazz Series: Jazz at Its Best, this sunday. Witness the eclectic mix of the best Jazz musicians from across the globe including the US, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. All the highly talented and young musicians of the night are proud to be a part of the faculty at Mumbai’s The True School of Music. Believe us, this will be the biggest Jazz music night, you will ever witness. Jazz lovers, this is the night you can’t afford to miss!

The music for the concert is composed and arranged by renowned pianist Jo Junghanss, who recently celebrated the premiere of his compositions at Carnegie Hall, New York City. The music is arranged in the tradition of Jazz, bringing blues, soul and groove alive. His special part of the jazz concert series will feature a hand-picked international ensemble playing original jazz music. In the band, on the piano will be Jo Junghanaa, vocals will be of Mugdha Hasabnis, on the guitar will be Odysseas, Gianluca Libratore will be on the Bass, Dhir Mody will be on Percussion, on the tabla will be Pankaj Pathe and Saurav Ghosh will be on Drums. This will surely be a night to remember.

Mumbai’s The True School of Music has always remain in the centre of entertainment industry. It has produced some of the best musicians and Djs in the music industry. Jo Junghanss, the music composer and arranger for the concert is the Dean of The True School of Music. He has often been described as having “powerful, innovative sounds, expressiveness and almost explosive tension” and his improvisations “masterful”. He has recorded as sideman and bandleader for European music labels and played with Jazz greats like, John Riley, Dick Oatts and John Patitucci. As a composer, he has written for both classical and jazz musicians, and among his works are pieces for electronics and fixed media, film scores, and big and small band works.

Jazz is a kind of music which has embraced both East and West. Over the time we have seen some notable collaboration like that of Pandit Ravi Shankar and John Coltrane – where the western Jazz and Indian traditional music sublimes together. In Blues N’ Jazz Series: Jazz at its Best, you will witness the Indian Traditional Music subliming beautifully with the Western Jazz. The concert will showcase the best of both, the Jazz and Indian Traditional music.

Jazz Music History and Facts Revealed

The 20th century music world has seen the entry of light and easy listening music with African-American jazz music. Originating in southern USA, jazz music is a combination of African and European music traditions. It puts together the use of blue notes, improvisation, syncopation and swing notes.

Jazz music was first used in reference to music from Chicago early in the 20th century. It has evolved in several other subgenres such as New Orleans Dixieland, big band-style swing, bebop, Afro-Cuban jazz, Brazilian jazz, jazz-rock fusion, and the more recent acid jazz.

The realm of jazz music was and still is predominantly associated with the American black community. These black musicians transitioning from banjos and tambourines learned to play European instruments such as the violin. Black slaves from early America used to sing and play music as a form of spiritual or ritualistic hymns.

After emancipation, employment opportunities for black slaves were very limited as segregation laws were still in force. Most of these black slaves found themselves in the entertainment industry as piano players and instrumentalists. They became low-cost entertainers as minstrels, vaudeville players, piano bar players, and marching band members. Soon, this kind of jazz music called Ragtime Jazz spread from the southern USA to other areas in the western and northern cities in USA.

Ragtime jazz became very popular in the early part of the century. Musician Jelly Roll Morton published the first ever jazz arrangement in print in 1915 with the title Jelly Roll Blues. This printed arrangement brought forth a new breed of musicians playing ragtime. Ragtime music moved on from red-light district bars and vaudeville shows to major concert locations such as the Carnegie Hall.

The first jazz record was recorded in 1913 by Society Orchestra, the first black group to come out with a record. Another group that came up with their very own jazz music recording is the “Original Dixieland Jazz Band”. Other bands followed suit, releasing jazz music recordings starting in 1917. In 1922, the most famous blues singer of the decade, Bessie Smith, also released her first recording. Also in the 1920s, Jelly Roll Morton played with the New Orleans Rhythm Kings and made history as the first mixed-race recording collaboration. Big bands like those of Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington and Earl Hines played the more prominent venues and paved the way for the development of big-band-style swing jazz.

Louis Armstrong, a trumpeter, band leader and singer, came to be known as the Ambassador of Jazz, what with his early innovations in jazz music. Swing music is considered to be popular dance music and is played from printed musical arrangements. Then came the bebop which focuses more on small groups and simple arrangements.

Throughout the years jazz music has always been preferred music genre among those who enjoy light and easy listening. There are radio stations that play only jazz music. Jazz music can be heard most everywhere hotel lounges, salons, concert halls, wedding receptions, Jazz music is perhaps also the most unique form of music as there are no two jazz music performances are ever the same.